Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Always Be Prepared

No, I'm not a Boy Scout, nor do I have one in the house. As applied to me, the motto means "Always be prepared to plug your business". 
I'm off work this week (yay!) so I'm trying to come up with some new projects. Today's is a folio that will come with me everywhere--fits nicely in most of the purses that I use.
The folio has a notebook and pen (to get peoples contact info!), a place for business cards and a place for some samples. Since it's difficult to carry around full size cards, I have done some ATC sized samples and put them in sports trading card sleeves. Makes it easy to change them out whenever I want.
Outside cover. I added an initial charm for a bit of bling (didn't want anything too bulky as this will live in my purse). The closure is held with velcro dots.

Inside view. On the left are cases for my business cards and samples and the right holds a notebook and pen.

View of business card and sample cases.

View of notebook and pen.
Aside from the folio, a few mini cattys always reside in my purse so that I am ready for anything.
I'm thinking of doing a class for this with an option for those who don't need it for business, so if anyone in the GTA is interested just leave me a comment with your email addy and I will get back to you.

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