Monday, November 23, 2015

Did You Win?

I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my blog over the last few days.

In order to determine the winner, I assigned a number to your comment based on the order in which they appeared starting with my post on November 16 and continuing in numerical order to November 22. I then asked our impartial judge, Mr R, to pick a number between 1 and 15. After much deliberation, the number Mr R picked is 9.


Please email me your snail-mail details to and I will send your package off right away.

Thanks for taking part and stopping by.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Rocking Your World Friday Week 47

Here we are at the end of another week, and what a mixed bag of a week it's been.

Let's start with my smile for the week. Finally, after two years of saying it, Mr R and I went out and bought a new artificial tree. 7 1/2 feet of pre-lit beauty. Of course, as soon as we brought it home we had to put it up and decorate it. No sense leaving it in the box hanging around for another couple of weeks right? Sorry for the not-so-great cell phone pic.

And the little Gorgeous helping Papa put ornaments on the tree.

While we were at it, we put up some decorations outside. It seems we started a trend because now the neighbour across the road has put up his outdoor lights as well. I love it when the neighbourhood looks festive!

On the down side, I had a bit of chair accident at work. While leaning over to hand paperwork to someone, my chair tipped right over and spilled me onto the floor. Wouldn't have been too bad except I landed on the arm and now my thigh has a lovely dark purple bruise that is bigger than my hand and hurts like crazy. Serves me right I guess--next time, don't be so lazy and get up!

I've had a couple of normal length days, a couple of late days and managed to get out by 3:15 pm on Thursday--that was pure bliss.

This weekend we have planned to go Xmas shopping for the little Gorgeous and with any luck will have it all done and wrapped up by Sunday.

So, nothing too exciting, but I will hook up with Virginia and Annie and see what everyone else has been up to.

Don't forget about the give-away I announced on November 16--just leave a comment on any of my posts from November 16-22 for a chance to win a set of my Xmas Cards of the Month. I will post anywhere, so don't be shy and do leave a comment to enter!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's been a while, but I've come by to play with Julia today.

A small box of goodies from Stampin' Up is littering my desk today. I'm too late to use the Halloween goodies, but really I bought them to use for class treats for when the little Gorgeous finally goes to school (I know, it's still a couple of years, but they were so cute I couldn't resist!). The cute little snowmen and penguin are being put to use making this years Christmas tags. There's also a little pile of cards on the left.

Please see my post from November 16 for a giveaway and don't forget to check back on November 23 when I will announce the winner.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Give Away

Courtesy of my Xmas Card of the Month series I have some extra cards left over. 

Just to say Thank You for reading my blog and leaving wonderful comments that make me smile, I would love to send a full years set to someone. All you have to do is leave a comment on posts published between November 16 and November 22 and your name will entered in a random draw to receive this happy mail. Drawing will take place on November 23rd by an impartial judge (Mr R) based on the number assigned to your comment.

I will post anywhere in the world so please do enter.

Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rocking Your World Friday Week 46

Another Friday has rolled around again, which means it's time to share some happies for the week.

A definite happy this week is finally going to pick up some of our firewood for the winter. There's nothing like a cozy fire to make a chilly evening so much better. Now, just a couple more pickup truck loads to go and we'll be set.

The new blinds being installed in my office. Unfortunately the whole week was cloudy so I didn't even need to use them. Ah well, there's always hope for next week!

Long days at work, which are definitely not a happy for me, but Mr R loves them as he is able to make some overtime hours. Me, I spent Wednesday and Friday evening waiting for him until 8:00pm. This meant not arriving home until 9, just in time to eat something quick and head for bed. Ah well, at least I am blessed to work at the same company as Mr R so that we can commute together and he does all the driving while I read.

Some happy mail when I got home last night. My Paper Pumpkin craft kit was waiting for me on my doorstep. Hopefully that means I can have some crafty time today!

Sunday was partly spent outside cleaning up all the leaves that had fallen. While us bigs weren't too thrilled with the chore, the little didn't seem to mind at all.

And on that happy note I'm off to link up with Virginia and Annie for her Friday Smiles.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Xmas Card of the Month (November)

Here I am, a week late with this months installment. Story of my life lately LOL

Another month down and only one more to go. I now have quite a nice stash of Christmas cards ready to be written and sent out. In fact, I think that this month I will write and address the ones I have done and then that will be another task taken care of. All that will be needed will be to finish up the December cards and take a trip to the post office and get everything sent off in more than enough time.

Enough chit chat, let's get on the reason you are here--Novembers card. I love the ornament die, it cuts out so beautifully and I think it makes a great impact on a card when cut with shiny foil paper.

Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rocking Your World Friday Week 45

I've been a very sporadic poster for a while now. At first it was driving me crazy, but then I realized that I just need to let go. When I have the time and energy I can blog, otherwise, I don't stress about it.

It was Halloween here last Saturday, and what a great night it was. I always love seeing the littles dressed up in their costumes. This year our little went out to a few houses. When someone answered the door she would say "tricktreat" and once they gave her candy, "tankoo". She looked so cute dressed as a pink Care Bear it made me smile, so I will link this up with Annie for her Friday Smiles. This was the only picture I managed to get because she kept heading for the front door with her bucket saying "nandy" LOL

I was speaking with Handsome Son this week and I've known for a while that he and Beautiful Daughter-in-Law are expecting, but they just found out the sex of the little one. When I asked if it was pink or blue, he happily replied "Blue". Looks like I'm going to be shopping for little boy things in the near future.

On the work front this week, it's been what it's been. I did get some good news yesterday though. I have a corner office which is mostly windows. In the summer the heat is outrageous and in the winter, I'm blinded by the sun which comes right in once the earth shifts its axis. Finally, my blinds are being installed. Now, i just have to wait until next Wednesday. I guess I've waited this long, a few more days won't make a difference. 

I suppose that's about it for this week then so I will link up with Virginia over at Celtic House and call it a post!

Thanks for stopping by.