Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rocking Your World Friday Week 49

What a shock to realize we are in December already. I swear, the older I get, the faster the year seems to whiz by. It's time to join up with my friends Virginia and Annie and give a shout out to happy moments and things that made you smile.

First off, my smile photos. While schlepping around with Ms Dee so she could finish up her Christmas shopping (Mr R and I are done of course so insert self-satisfied smile here!) I came across this adorable stuffy. He was 40% off and naturally hopped right into my cart. Sad confession, I love my English Bullies so I actually bought him for myself lol.

Every day when the tree lights go on, the little Gorgeous has to stop and say "Hi tree". I just couldn't resist the rear view shot of her pigtails. She's getting so big. I do feel I should point out the the baby gate is not to keep her out, but to keep the Bullies out as the chinchilla cage is in the living room and they like to torture the poor little guy.

It's actually been a fairly quiet week around our house as Ms Dee and the Gorgeous are in the city visiting her aunt. As much as I adore them both, the break has been nice for Mr R and I. 

We had our company Christmas dinner last night and it was quite enjoyable. Good food, good companions and lots of laughter. Really, what more can you ask for?

Well, I'm off to tidy up and try and wrap all the presents that are laying around the house.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!



  1. It's a magic time for children and she looks so sweet dreaming at the tree.
    Have a great weekend,
    jo x

  2. Hi Michelle, happy Friday or rather weekend.... the kids sure do make this time of the year extra special, this pic is real cute. Have a wonderful weekend cheers Robyn

  3. I love your bulldog....he's cute but nowhere as cute as your little ones pig tails. I didn't know I'd won anything and can't find your email address so please email me on and I will send you my address.
    Annie x

  4. Ah bless - the happy photo made me smile - but how cute are those pigtails! Loving your tree as well!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  5. Oh that dog is adorable, I think I would keep him too! I love seeing children at this time of year. Now my boy is 17 the magic has worn off but I have nieces and friends with little ones so I make the most of them & their excitement. Apologies for my latenesss but as you know from my post I've been away this weekend visiting my boy. Take care Zo xx

  6. I am not a huge fan of 'bullies' but i can see the appeal of the stuffie. I love the photo of the little one looking at the tree. In fact I like everything to do with Christmas. have a good week, finishing off your preparations. Kate x

  7. Love your new pet he's a sweetie and so is the little person Lol! I used to keep some love birds in the house and the dogs started going up to the cage until one of them got pecked on the nose and they never did it again. The female lovebird was afraid of nothing and would happily give anything a nip if they went too close, shame your chinchilla doesn't do the same then they would soon get the idea. Happy smiles, Angela x


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