Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Wow, how can it be Wednesday already? This week just seemed to fly past. Around here Wednesday means one thing only, and that is showing off our desks to other like-minded folk. Julia is the mastermind behind this and the original show me yours and I'll show you mine lady.

What we have here is a hot mess. Card making is in full swing, with lots of ideas floating around in my noggin that have to be channeled onto paper. I must get a card reader because phone pictures leave a lot to be desired and my camera is much better, but my laptop is in a mood and doesn't want to play with others right now.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. You are right, the photo is not very clear but i can see you are making cards with a round hole or a round picture. I hope your laptop behaves itself from now on.
    Thanks for visiting and your kind comment,
    Happy WOYWW

  2. Looks like it's coming along - picture is a little blurry. I hate when technology doesn't cooperate.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #36

  3. Wow, wow ok, many Dtamoin Up sets do you have there? In awe! Elaine no. 51

  4. Even though it's not the clearest you can still see you have a lot of good stuff going on!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #29

  5. Love your stamp collection lined up in easy reach! Creative Blessings! Kelly #43


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