Friday, November 15, 2013

Rockin' My World Friday

Happy Friday folks!

Just a few small things rockin me this week.

First and foremost, Mr R and I having the day off work today. We were supposed to be in Florida right now, but since we decided to buy the property, decided not to go this year so as to save money. As we were a bit down about missing the hol this year we planned a long weekend in November as a bit of a mini-break.

A leisurely trip to a neighbourhood restaurant for a nummy breakfast.

A trip to the local thrift shop which netted me 5 new hardcover books for only $20!

The eagle-eyed who visited Wednesdays post may have noticed that my favorite Ott light now has a twin--purchased at 65% off!!!

I did spend some time measuring out the space in our bedroom and planning where to put all the junk stuff in my craft room. It seems that with a little skill I will be able to fit nearly everything in there except the corner section of my desk. I will have to have a good sort out and organize as over the Christmas holidays we will be setting up the nursery in my *sob* soon to be former studio. Ah well, it's all worth it as a new grandbaby in the house will be a treat!

To see what has others doing a happy-dance, pop over and visit Virginia for the low-down.

Hope everyone has a fab week and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Oh planning craft rooms - always fun. Glad you managed to make up a little bit for the lack of Florida holiday hun.

    Loving the lamps, I need to sort the bulb out on my desk at the minute - driving me insane it is!

    Hope you have a fabulous week ahead.



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