Wednesday, January 29, 2014


You show me yours and I'll show you mine--desk that is!

It's been a while since I've had the time/energy/emotional mind set to actually sit down and do some crafting, let alone blogging about it. I'm trying to give myself a kick in the pants and just get down to it, so this is actually (horrors!) my third post in three days.

I spent some time on Sunday making a couple of cards for challenges and this is what my desk looked like.

Here's a closer look in case you want to have a nosy in my washi tape!
I finished with the first card before I thought to snap a photo, but this is the what I pulled out for the second card. You can see the sketch I was following on the upper left side.

Sadly enough although the card has been made, everything looks just the same today, except for the little pile of card stock which is gone. The stamps are also still there waiting patiently for a cleaning before I put them away. Don't know why I didn't do it at the time because that container on the top right is filled with baby wipes for just that purpose. Huh, try to figure out what goes on in my head. Go on, dare you!

Please visit Julia, the mistress of desks and join in for a peep at others crafty corners.

Oh yeah, I've been really good a visiting others desks, just not so good at leaving comments as I try to pop by and have a look at everyone's blog. I will be visiting and commenting on everyone whose number ends with mine and more as time/energy/mental state permits.

Have a great week and thanks for popping round!



  1. I love the light you get on to your desk there. Lovely and airy.

    Jealous of your washi tape stash ;)

    Have a good week!

    Carmen #75

  2. Hello Michelle. A lovely neat and tidy desk - and SO much washi tape.... green eyes are in evidence ...

    Have a great week - and I see from one of your other pages you are soon very soon - to be a nana. ENJOY!!!
    Margaret #39

  3. Sorry for the late visit Michelle, love all that Washi Tape, good call on the close-up pic! I envy anyone with a window! I miss the window in my old craft room..Cx #27

  4. Nice tape collection there. I'm enjoying snooping in your workspace. Peg R-13

  5. Nice Washi tape collection.your workspace looks so serene and relaxing. Glad you're back to creating and blogging. I designate my Sundays to play, create and visit others. Pic a day as YOURS... even if you can only take a couple hours. You time is important. Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #92


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