Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rocking Your World Friday: Week 8

I know, it's actually Saturday and I'm late to the party. Story of my life lately, what can I say? Since I wasn't around last week, here are my good things over the last couple of weeks.

First thing to make me happy was having one of my cards picked as a winner at Colours & Sketches. That had me doing a happy dance!

The next blessing was the birth of my granddaughter Alessia on February 13th. Momma did beautifully and baby was healthy and adorable.

The day they both came home was very special. Nana and Poppa got up early and went on a shopping spree to get everything that baby would need when she came home. Should have been done much earlier, but for various reasons, wasn't. It had been years since I had to shop for a baby in the house and we had so much fun and spent way too much money! Spoiled before she even got home LOL!

By far the best part of the week was having it off work so that I could stay home and help my daughter and love on Alessia as much as I wanted. I am thankful that our financial situation allowed me to do that without us having to struggle.

It was also wonderful seeing Mr. R coming in the door after work and heading straight to the baby as he had missed her all day. Too sweet for words!

So that has been my last couple of weeks in a nut shell. I shall now link this up with Virginia at Celtic House. Do visit her if you'd like a weekly dose of good things that other people have experienced this week.

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  1. You have a beautiful granddaughter with a beautiful name, She is a big girl for just one week old. Such a happy time when there is a new life in the house.
    Congratulations on having a card chosen.
    I hope you have another good week.
    Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate, we think she's beautiful, but we might be just a tiny bit biased! I think she looks big because of the angle of the picture as she is only a titch higher than her birth weight at 6lb 3oz.

  2. I'm only just linking up today - so even later!

    Congratulations on the card win AND the new arrival. What a beauty!

    Have a lovely week Michelle :)

    Carmen x

  3. Another one that my news feed didn't pick up - looking at your most recent post and this one - time really does fly doesn't it!


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