Friday, March 6, 2015

True Confessions

I always hear from the lovely deskers how tidy my desk looks, but our wonderful Ms. Julia left me a comment yesterday that just tickled me.

"I'm sorry that you still aren't right - that's not fair after so long, huh! Cor, roll on real warm dry weather for everyone. Everyone will tell you how neat and tidy you are...I'm going one step further. I have one set of small shelves that are a very dark brown melamine. I use them almost daily, but I don't show close ups on WOYWW. Because you could write your name in the dust! So I'm MEGA impressed by your housework as well as your neat!!"

As I have mentioned before, once my beautiful grand-daughter (I know, slightly biased) was born I had to give up my craft room as we only have a 3 bed house. There were no complaints about this at all as it is so worth it, but I then had to find a place for all my crap stuff. Fortunately my master bedroom is a good size and I was able to get everything in the room and put a large shelf in the closet for the overflow.

Really, all that long drawn out explanation means is that if my desk is not tidy I find I can't relax in my bedroom. I have trained myself to clean up, or at least do a quick tidy, after each crafting session. As for the lack of dust on the shelves, I think it is because I'm always pulling things off and putting them back on. Believe me, I'm not one to dust very often! 

The only drawback to this set up is that looking at all my stuff gives me ideas that I "need" to try right away, usually two minutes before I'm ready to crawl into bed for the night. I have partially solved this by keeping a notebook handy to scribble my thoughts down and then let it go for the night.

Here are a few pics of my current setup. And no, I will not show you my closet!!! LOL

Starting just to the left of my desk is my ink caddy (the cube is actually on my dresser)
Between the desk and dresser are my wood mount stamps
The shelf on my work surface hold my clear mount stamps, punches, markers and my fantastic lights
The corner desk houses my ATG gun, clear blocks, tool caddy, laptop and printer
Under to corner desk are some of my 12 x 12 papers
Drawer cart holds extra adhesive and misc. stuff
The shelf has boxes with bling, dies and embossing folders, my Big Shot, trimmers, scoring board and Paper Pumpkin goodies
This big guy is on the opposite side of the room and holds all kinds of other goodies and my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock
The closet door is on the far right side of this wall
I just want to let you all know, that I appreciate every visit and comment left for me. I do get round to almost all of you every week, but I don't have a lot of time to leave comments usually. I do love seeing what everyone is up to and snooping at your crafty areas, it makes me feel part of a real community!

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Wow that's some serious organisation - I had a craft room but found I was always out of the way of hubby and said 14 year old so when I gave it up I realised that I have never been a big lover of the TV - it might be something they enjoy doing in the evenings but for me a scrapbook layout is my preferred option. so my craft space is in our TV room and I limit my goodies to two main cupboards and some paper shelves and I don't go beyond that limitation and haven't for some years. It means I don't buy for the sake of buying, that i do use what I've got and that I get to create create create of an evening meaning I'm uber productive!


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