Friday, March 18, 2016

Rocking Your World Friday-Week 12

I seem to have lost a week somehow. Ah well, it wasn't a very eventful one anyway. This week has been full of good stuff.

The work week seems to have flown by, which is always a positive in my books!

Mr R seems to be fully healed and back to his normal self which is wonderful (trust me on this, I live with him and a grouchy Mr R is just not fun LOL).

We dropped our car off at the body shop on Monday morning and by Wednesday afternoon it was as good as new. That was lovely as I wasn't fond of the rental car we were driving.

Thursday morning my lovely d-i-l's water broke, but as labour hadn't started her midwife told her to stay home and relax.This morning they headed off to the hospital, where she was given an epidural as she was experiencing a great deal of pain. Unfortunately, that prolongs the process, but at least she was able to relax. 

So this, my lovely readers is the highlight of my week.


Just 2 1/2 hours old :-)
On this happy note I will like up with Virginia and Annie and pop round to see what everyone else is smiling about this week.

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  1. I'd be smiling, too. This is definitely a beautiful keeper. It's too bad your DIL was in so much pain, though. I bet she's smiling now, at least. Have a super rest of the weekend.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. Always a miracle new birth. Congratulations
    Lynn xx

  3. Now that's def something to smile about....I love new life [but of course I would having delivered 150 babies :-)]. Huge congrats to all concerned.
    Annie x

  4. Ah that's fabulous news - congratulations - hope Mum and baby are both doing well! (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

  5. Congratulations! Such a precious little baby. I hope your daughter in law is doing well, too. My best wishes to you, Pat


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