Monday, September 23, 2013


Since I will have to move out of my craft room when my grandchild arrives I have been looking at ways to organize all the supplies that I have for card making and scrapbooking. I'll be moving most of my stuff into our bedroom (good thing it's really big!) with the overflow finding a new home in our rec room.

This week I'm tackling my cards, both the ones I have made and the blanks I keep on hand. 

Michaels had a huge sale on storage items so I went a little crazy. I've had an Iris Card Keeper for ages and I use it for keeping my smaller card blanks and envelopes. I decided to pick up another one to hold the cards I make, but once I sorted them I realized that I had too many categories to fit in just one, so back I went for another. Love the way they stack together. Any my handy-dandy label maker got some use labelling the dividers.

Love that it's pink!
They stack really well
These are the categories I've chosen to use
All my card blanks and envelopes are ready to go

For the card blanks that are too large to fit in the cases I put them in one of the boxes I purchased. The box looks great and they fit in there perfectly. These are the ones that I have opened. I have unused packages in another one of these boxes, only bigger because I have a whole heap of them. (Can you say hoarder???)

Hard to tell from the picture, but the one in front is ivory and the one in back is white

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