Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I've had a busy week and wasn't able to spend much time in the studio. That is sad as I really feel like creating something. Unfortunately my real job has been getting in the way and by the time I arrive home and get dinner served up it's nearly bedtime.

On my desk this week is the start of my "planning". My Mom made a special request for a 60th anniversary card for their friends special day. Fortunately I have another week and a half to get from this to a finished card.

Julia is on holidays this week, enjoying some sun n fun, but we're still welcome at her home Stamping Ground. Wonder if we should water her plants when we pop round?

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  1. aww, i know that feeling well , never enough time for creating :(

    hope you manage to find some time soon, good lick with your project too !!

    Claire #77

  2. Hi Michelle
    I am sure you will find the time to get this special card made. It is hard when work and family gets in the way but you will find some you time
    Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
    Ria #50


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