Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Happy Hump Day fellow WOYWWers! Besides for being the middle of the work week, it's also the day to snoop around others crafty areas with our fab hostess Julia at Stamping Ground. Pop on over, join in and say "hi" why don'tcha.

I have finally decided to try and get a handle on my scrap paper containers. I saw the idea on YouTube to cut your scraps into card front sizes and thought "Wow, that's what I should do!". Silly me, thinking I could get it done in no time--ha! Over-estimated myself there!
I did make a start on it at least.

*Sigh* There are still two mostly full large containers still full. The smaller containers hold pieces now cut to the size of the cards I usually make and one has pieces for making ATC's. Hopefully I will be able to finish my cutting over the weekend and then I will have the large bins empty to hold more "stuff".

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  1. I have posted about my cardstock being cut to sizes I use a lot for my Cricut, makes it so much faster! Good luck on this challenge. Kim #77

  2. Coooool looking papers - it's a good idea but mind-numbingly boring to do it I would guess ???!!!
    Still - think of your sense of accomplishment when you finish :-D



    IKE in Greece #63 xxxx

  3. Tis very sensible, I must say. I have a minimum size for keeping rule too, just to make sure that I don't keep everything..because of course, I would need a pigging truck to store it all!!


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