Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cards & Web Surfing

Today I'm going to share a masculine card with you. When it comes to making girly cards I've got no shortage of ideas. Ask me to make a guy card and you can hear the crickets chirping! I stare blankly into space and think about going out for ice cream LOL.

After some thought and more than necessary blog surfing, this is the card I came up with. This will be going to my wonderful Daddy for his birthday.

While I was wasting time doing research, I cruised around some of my favorite blogs and got to thinking (very dangerous habit!) that I should share some of them with you.

To that end, I'll be sharing a "Blog of Note" with you every week or so. Drop by and say hello if you have a mo, cause we all like to have visitors!

This weeks blog belongs to Kate. You can visit her at Kate's adventures. One of the reasons I like to visit is because I love hearing about life in different countries. Also, because I'm nosy, but   we don't need to discuss that! So, here's to you Kate, keep on blogging cause I love to see what you're up to!

Thanks for stopping by.


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