Sunday, July 8, 2012

I haven't really done much crafting this week. Spent a small amount of time futzing about with my "Pieces of Me" journal and I'm liking the way it's turning out. I also spent some time designing my Christmas cards for this year. Now I just have to get them out of the junk bin I call my brain and onto an actual card! Ah well, sometime this week hopefully.
I thought that I would introduce you to my lovely family (the part that still lives at home anyway).
There is my hubby Peter, the love of my life, who has learned to live with my expensive habit and (mostly) doesn't question my purchases anymore. I'm thinking it's because he's afraid to know how much it really costs!
Mr. R
We also have three English Bulldogs who are (possibly) more spoiled than me!
Dixie (aka Slick)
I also have a gorgeous daughter, handsome son and beautiful daughter-in-law who I will introduce once I can locate some pictures on my memory card. (My old laptop crashed, taking with it all my pictures--GASP! I'll have to take it in and see if they can be rescued.
Anyhoo, have a super Sunday!

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