Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rocking Your World Friday Week 5

Well, Friday has rolled around again rather quickly and that means that Virginia is looking to see what has made us do the happy dance this week.

I must admit, it's been a fairly quiet week on all fronts. I did manage to tame my scrap bins a little--no more raging, out of control mess.

A couple of late evening returns from work meant a couple of take-out meals--woo hoo, no cooking!

We managed to finish up Alessia's playroom (formerly the dining room) and she is pretty much all moved in and enjoying making a mess.

Happy mail from my SU! upline Maggie Patterson for a head office challenge that our team completed. It's a reusable bag and a trash sack that hooks onto your desk/table. Love the bear on the trash sack--I have that stamp set!

And finally, last Sunday a marathon of one of our fave TV shows, Life Above Zero. I almost never get to see it as I'm already in my jammies in bed when it comes on. It was nice to have caught up on the episodes I missed.

I'll leave you with this picture of Alessia in her playroom watching the snow falling outside which I'm going to like with Annie's Friday Smiles.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


**Sorry for the delay, I planned to get this up when I got home from work last night, but arrived home to an emergency situation. Our furnace quit working and it was only 13C in the house. Just for perspective, it was -10C (-25C with the windchill) outside. Spent the entire evening on the phone with the insurance and repair companies and then huddled in front of the fire while waiting for someone to show up. The furnace motor is terminally ill and needs to be replaced, but he did get it working again until he can get the new motor on Monday.**


  1. Wow - I thought it was cold here and we have only had a few below zero days. Brrr. Glad you are getting your furnace sorted.

    Alessia's playroom looks so much fun! Lucky girl :)

    Have a great week Michelle :)

    Carmen x

  2. Ah bless you - glad you got a temporary fix for your furnace, hope the part sort s the problem out properly for you. Loving the play room - fab stuff! Lovely positives, it doesn't matter if there are only a few, some weeks are like that! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!


  3. I love Alessia's play wonder you're smiling :-)
    It's never too late to join in with your smiles. Feel free to link up any time during the week. I do mine every Friday just so everyone knows when Mr Linky will be there and that's when I feature a blog from the week before.
    Thanks for joining in. We can never have too many smiles.
    Annie x

  4. I´m glad we don´t have it that cold here! Alessia´s playroom is perfect for a little one, and that big, low window will mean she can watch the world go by and stay safe too. Hugs. Kate xx

  5. Hi Michelle, Do hope you keeping warm...I wish I could bundle up some of our heat and send it over - it's hot today. Alessia's a lucky girl to have a big playroom and a lovely view. Enjoy your weekend Robyn


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