Friday, January 23, 2015

Rocking Your World Week 4

Once again it is Friday and that means that it's time to link up with Virginia and shout out our positives for the week.

First of was the lovely visit with Mum and Dad who we haven't seen since the end of November. Made Dad happy by fixing his computer so that he could once again Skype with the rellies in Wales.

Next was several days of early finishing at work. It's so nice to get home before it gets dark in the evening.

Another positive this week was really cheap gas prices. Filling up a truck puts a large dent in the wallet, so the more money we can keep in our pockets the better!

Lunch today with an old friend/co-worker I haven't seen in about a year. Had a wonderful time catching up on each others goings on and made another lunch date for next month.

My granddaughter Alessia starting to take her first steps by holding on to the furniture and walking around it. This weekend we will be converting our dining room into a playroom for her as it has a door that can be closed to keep her out of trouble.

And, just because this picture makes me smile I will be linking up with Annie's Friday Smiles. I took this photo on the way to Great Gramma and Grampa's house for visit.

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  1. Hi Michelle. It's so lovely to see so many new faces joining in this week. Welcome. I love the pic of Alessia....what a poppet. Please don't think for one minute you will ever keep her out of mischief....she wouldn't be normal if you did hehehe Enjoy every minute.
    Annie x

  2. Hi. I'm stopping by from Annie's Friday Smiles. Sounds like you had a fun week. Aren't grandchildren the best? Your little granddaughter is so cute. My little grandson loves to stay with me. Have a great weekend.

  3. Greetings Michelle. It is nice to meet you. I also came from Friday Smiles and that adorable granddaughter put a BIG smile on my face. She looks SO innocent in the photo. If only they stayed that way. So very glad you joined in this week. Really enjoyed meeting you.

  4. Ah another fab post - I'm so sorry my post was late this week - I had a technical problem - although it is up now and I've linked your post. Cheaper fuel prices is definitely a positive in this house too and I love the photo of your granddaughter - so beautiful!

  5. e have ch fuel here at the minute too. It makes quite a difference when you going from empty to full, and every saving helps.
    The little ones are such fun when they take their first steps, but you need eyes in the back of your head, so a room with a good door sounds like a sensible idea. Enjoy her baby days. They will be gone all too soon. Kate x

  6. Hi Michelle, sorry to have missed your link last week ... I hope this visit makes up for it. Seems like last week was a great week for you with lots of highlights to make you smile. There's nothing quite as exciting as watching a baby take her first faltering steps and Alessia looks a real poppet :) Elizabeth xx


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